Why Do You Need to Pay for Dry Cleaning When You Can Do Everything By Yourself?

Over time, the interior of every car needs a good dry cleaning. Dust and dirt can negatively affect the operation of devices and electrical wiring, therefore it’s recommended to regularly dry-clean the interior.


Types of Car Dry Cleaning

At the moment, the following methods of dry cleaning are relevant:

  • Steam. After using the steam machine for car detailing, the air in the car will be fresh. Mould or mildew is excluded.
  • Wet. This type of interior care creates a clean and fresh look. Its disadvantages are the long drying of the cabin, the possibility of mold emergence, especially in cold seasons.
  • Nanopurifier. Completely safe chemical compounds are used that remove contamination with high quality. The peculiarity of the composition is that a thin synthetic layer is formed on the surface, which protects the soft surface of the passenger compartment from dirt.


Benefits of Steam Dry Cleaning

All the above methods can be used by car washes, however, it is most effective to use steam dry cleaning on your own. The main advantages of steam cleaning over other methods:

  • speed — steam cleaning is much faster than standard washing;
  • gentle treatment of all surfaces;
  • safety for human health — auto detail steam cleaner helps to avoid allergic reactions and intoxication of the body;
  • the car is ready for use immediately after cleaning, there’s no need to wait for the interior to dry out;
  • all types of dirt are removed – greasy stains, ink, food stains, and others.


Do-It-Yourself Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning of a car is quite simple. The main thing is to have a reliable car detailing steamer. This process has the following algorithm:

  1. The body should be washed first.
  2. The cleaning of the interior with steam cleaner for cars begins with steaming the ceiling and walls, then moving on to the floor and upholstery of the seats.
  3. If the contamination is too strong, additional chemicals may be added for cleaning.
  4. After that, start washing rugs, plastic, and leather items. You can clean all this with steam only, or you can add special substances. The most suitable detergents are selected for each type of surface.
  5. The windows are always washed last — the glass is wiped with a rag since such an amount of steam in the cabin is a perfect cleaner.


What is Important to Remember?

If necessary, steaming can be carried out several times in a row, until the desired result is achieved. Nuances that you need to know using auto detailing steamers:

  • for each surface there are rules for the temperature regime and steam pressure;
  • detergents, if used, shouldn’t be universal, but carefully selected according to the conditions;
  • cleaning the rugs will require the greatest amount of steam.

Steam cleaning is a quick and effective way to keep your car clean. Manual car cleaning with a reliable steam generator like Fortador pays attention to every detail. It makes comprehensive professional car care that you can do yourself.

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