3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Car Wash

With the development of cleaning technologies, more and more new businesses appeared. Some are in high demand among consumers, while others turn out to be more effective. Today, we will share with you 3 simple tips on how to choose the best car wash on the market.


Simple Customer’s Guide 

Based on various surveys, a motorist visits a washing station about once a week during the warm season. This is an event that certainly cannot be called festive. Standing in line, paying for the wash, and, perhaps, remaining dissatisfied with the quality — these are the troubles that you can get rid of by buying a steam cleaner for cars or a high-pressure washer. To do it effectively, we recommend following the below rules:

Consider the purpose

First of all, you need to think about the purpose of purchasing such equipment: if you want to use it at home, it is better to focus on the tools that consume less water. For example, buy a car detailing steamer by Fortador, which will generate hot steam, and consume no more than 15 liters of water per one wash. There are three important advantages of buying the auto detail steam cleaner for home usage:

  • you will not cope with the problem of wastewater utilization;
  • the functionality of this gadget is more advanced: you can use it for cleaning, degreasing, disinfecting various materials and surfaces without any chemicals;
  • using the auto detailing steamers is environmentally friendly and safe.

Alternatively, you can purchase a mini-washer, if you know how to use it properly and have an appropriate location.

Focus on its performance

The performance of a device is usually calculated as the amount of water consumed per hour or minute on average. Regular car washes use 340-360 liters per hour. The middle class — 380-460 l/h, and the high-class equipment have a productivity of 550-600 l/h. This classification mostly corresponds to high-pressure wash machines. When we talk about the steam machine for car detailing, the performance may vary significantly: while domestic steamers may consume up to 30 liters per hour, the corporate ones use up to 100. We don’t recommend investing in very expensive equipment if you need a steamer for yourself, but if you purchase it for corporate needs — a powerful device will be more helpful.


When deciding which car wash to choose, additional nozzles and attachments are an important criterion. They improve the quality and facilitate car washing, simplify access to hard-to-reach places (wheel arches, underbody, etc.). If additional equipment is not included in the package of the selected model, then it can be purchased separately.


In Conclusion

A car wash will help to deal with dirt not only on a car, but also on a bicycle, a motorbike, and at home. The best option would be a middle-class high-pressure car wash or a steamer. They are suitable for most car enthusiasts, and not only for washing the auto but for many tasks.

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