Is It Possible to Reduce the Cost of a Self-Service Car Wash?

Many people know that cleaning is a profitable business, especially when it comes to a self-service car wash or car detailing steam cleaner. However, profitability is influenced by many factors, including water consumption. Therefore, many car wash owners are wondering how to reduce water consumption without compromising the quality of the services provided.


Myth or Reality?

It is believed that these washing stations consume a significant amount of water, which negatively affects profits. Washing a regular car takes about 200-250 liters of water, and for trucks and buses — up to 800 liters. However, self-service car washes usually have wastewater recycling equipment. So, the liquid is not drained into the sewage system but is cleaned and used again. In this way, water consumption can be reduced by up to 90%}. However, there are also some alternative ways to reduce the amount of water used:

Use the auto detailing steamers

It is profitable to purchase professional equipment that helps to save on water consumption. It could be a steam machine for car detailing, which does the cleaning no less effectively than a high-pressure washer, vacuum cleaner, or any other device. However, the car detailing steamer has better functionality than any other cleaning equipment, which allows you to degrease, clean, and disinfect any surface. Meanwhile, the steam cleaner for cars by Fortador consumes only 15 gallons (56 liters) per hour. You need about 15 minutes to clean your auto, which means that you will use no more than 14 liters of water. 

Use the advanced bioreactors

Bioreactors are sometimes used as an effective and modern method of water purification. These are strains of special bacteria that purify H₂0. The features of the equipment and the latest technologies allow you to significantly save on resources. However, to work effectively, it is necessary to select the correct automotive chemicals that contain only degradable components. Therefore, before washing the car at a self-service car wash, it is important to study its technical characteristics and operating features, as well as select chemicals that will completely decompose without having a detrimental effect on bacteria.

After the selection of detergents, the bioreactor can be started. The main phase of its work is the activation of bacterial colonies. They will gradually grow and adapt to new living conditions, and artificial feeding will stimulate their development. During this period, the wastewater use is not efficient, but within a short time, cleaned water can be used again.


In Conclusion

At the moment, the use of microorganisms for water purification in self-service car washes is a widespread global practice, since this technology allows you to remove pollution without harming the environment. However, you can also consider the use of the auto detail steam cleaner, especially if you don’t have a water recycling system installed. Thus, the equipment used at the self-service car washes can be considered environmentally friendly and safe, while reducing the service cost.

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