7 Most In-demand Car Wash Station Products

Perhaps, one of the most demanded services that any car enthusiast uses is a washing station. Choosing equipment for it (a car detailing steamer, compressor, etc.) is also an important stage when starting a business. There are many different options of both European and American brands provided on the market. The quality of the devices, their functionality, as well as the price can differ significantly. Let’s take a look at the list of what you need to purchase first for the washing station.


Seven Tools To Purchase 

Equipment is one of the most expensive items in the car wash business. Its quality and capabilities will determine how satisfied your customers will be and how often they will come to your service station. Equipment should generate profit. Therefore, any modern company of this type should have:

  1. A high-pressure washer (average cost $3,000);
  2. Compressor (about $250);
  3. Vacuum cleaner ($400-$550);
  4. Wastewater cleaning systems (from $5,000);
  5. Steam machine for car detailing (from $700 to $5,000);
  6. Foam generators (up to $400);
  7. Consumables in the form of detergents and various attachments (about $300 monthly).

Usually, the cost of professional equipment depends on the manufacturer. For example, a lux-segment professional auto detail steam cleaner by Fortador will cost you up to $12,500, while the Karcher’s less powerful alternatives — about $1,500. However, the functionality and quality will also be different. 

Necessary Consumables

In addition to auto detailing steamers and vacuum cleaners, washing stations cannot do the cleaning efficiently without consumables. Therefore, each service station should have the following items in its assortment:

  1. Non-contact cleaning products (detergents and active foam);
  2. Wax;
  3. Cleaners. You may need them if you don’t have a steam cleaner for cars. This can include products for surface degreasing, engine and wheel cleaning;
  4. Interior treatment items. The list is as follows: protective polisher, kits for cleaning and protecting the covering, solutions for eliminating unpleasant odors, washing fabrics, etc.;
  5. Materials for cleaning and blackening rubber;
  6. Cleaning supplies: microfiber cloths, paper towels, silicone scraper, etc

All of these materials can be purchased in bulk to reduce the cost per customer.


Is It Worth Opening a Car Wash Station?

When the building is purchased or built, the time comes to buy the equipment and hire the staff. It is too early to talk about the success of the business. Should you open a car wash? Yes, it is profitable to open such a business, but every entrepreneur knows: in the best case and with sufficient initial capital, the new company will initially work for nothing, and sometimes costs can even significantly exceed revenues. However, this is the beauty of car washes as a business: such services are in great demand and there are very few specific moments, so if everything was done correctly at the beginning, the business will develop and generate income.

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