6 Important Things to Consider When Washing a Car at a Self-Service Car Wash

There are many ways to make your car shine. If you do not want to trust your vehicle to strangers, you can use the so-called self-service car wash. If you decide to use it, there are some basic rules you must follow. However, some moments are not mentioned in any customer’s guide or instruction. Today, we will focus on some of them in the article.


How is the process organized?

 A self-service car wash looks like an ordinary one — the vehicle drives into a section that is separated by a wall or simply a curtain. Its peculiarity is that the motorist should pay for the time during which he will use the equipment. The set of options here is essentially similar to services at traditional stations — there is a primary contactless wash, chemicals for the body washing, waxing, and drying. If you have relevant skills, you can even use the auto detail steam cleaner to remove dirt from your engine or other parts. The car detailing steamer is safe for such manipulations (Fortador models), but you should distinguish the professional equipment from regular steamers used for cleaning the interior. 

The washing process itself may look as follows:

  1. Pay for the service at the terminal;
  2. Remove dirt with soapy water;
  3. Apply foam from bottom to top;
  4. Soak the foam for no more than two minutes and wash it off with water from top to bottom;
  5. Apply wax;
  6. Rinse your auto with water.


Important Tips to Keep in Mind


Your time is limited

Remember that your time is limited, so keep every moment in mind. Be sure to use foam, it will save you a lot of time: do not think that the water itself will cope with dried dirt. Start from the roof and go down. Use the steam machine for car detailing if necessary.

The wrong angle of water jet

If you do not want to splash your shoes and clothes with water or dirt, do not direct the jet at a 90-degree angle. It is better to release it more smoothly.

Wheel arches

Do you want your car to serve you for a long time? Then wash the wheel arches. You will be surprised how much dirt can accumulate there. Wheel arches won’t take too much of your time.

Improper rinsing

Self-service stations use chemicals to speed up the cleaning process. You need to remove all traces of these substances, otherwise, your paint will be damaged. You can also use the steam cleaner for cars for this purpose.

Incorrect car drying

Never skip drying your car after washing, as the remaining droplets can cause water stains and streaks that can be very difficult to remove.

Remove the rugs

Your rugs accumulate all kinds of dirt: sand, small stones, and more. Take them out, shake and hang them on the special holders. Spray them with water and foam while washing, or use the auto detailing steamers to clean them.

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