Top 5 Best Steam Cleaners for Your Car

There is numerous auto detailing steamers on the market that can be used to clean a car. Hot steam can remove grease stains, rust, dirt, oil products, and even tobacco odor. If you are thinking about buying such a tool for home usage, preference should be given to well-known brands. Steamers by one-day firms may not last long: their low cost will not save you money. Among manufacturers, the products of the following companies are in high demand: Karcher, Fortador, MIE, Polti Vaporetto, Kitfort, etc. Today, we will focus on the best units by these companies in our review.



Despite the high power of the German model of the steam cleaner for cars, the product has a low weight: 1.58 kg and convenient dimensions (321×127×186 mm), which allows you to comfortably do the cleaning. The device is well-equipped, there are various attachments, as well as a napkin for the floor, and a measuring cup. The power of the model is 1.2 kW, which allows it to generate a steam jet with a 3 Bars pressure. The 200 ml reservoir ensures continuous operation of the device for 7 minutes.

2020 Fortador Pro S

This professional car detailing steamer was initially made for supercars by Lamborghini, so the quality of the cleaning doesn’t cause any questions. The machine generates steam at 16 Bars, which is enough for both regular cleaning and careful car detailing. This powerful machine with numerous attachments is mostly used at the cleaning stations, however, having it at home will be also useful for residential purposes.

MIE Forever Clean

The steam machine for car detailing by the Italian company pleases motorists with its excellent design and quality of the work performed. The 1200 W machine generates steam at a pressure of 4 Bars. Its productivity is 50 g/min. The device is equipped with a large water tank: 0.48 l, which ensures continuous operation for 20 minutes.

Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000

The powerful steam cleaner Polti Vaporetto is capable of not only cleaning various surfaces but also 98% of dust and 96% of allergens. With a power of 2000 W, it generates steam and delivers it at a pressure of 4 bars. The reservoir contains 2.9 liters of water, which allows it to operate continuously for up to 2 hours without refueling. 

Kitfort KT-903

This is a powerful cleaning device (2000 W) for professional and personal use. This is evidenced by its dimensions: 354×247×515 mm and weight: 8.1 kg. The device generates steam at a pressure of 4 bars. The large volume of the water tank (1.5 l) allows cleaning for 60 minutes. Finally, if you are looking for a powerful auto detail steam cleaner for commercial or residential usage, give your preference to Fortador devices. For home usage, it is recommended to focus on less powerful devices by Karcher or MIE. Good luck!

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