Drivers’ Tips for Choosing the Best Car Wash Equipment

Every day the number of vehicles on the streets is growing. Along with this, the demand for maintenance and cleaning services is increasing as well. The lack of contactless and self-service car washes is especially acute in the rainy season or during the spring melting of snow. This situation prompts people to think about starting their own car wash business or buying car wash equipment for home usage. Today, we will help you to make a list of the necessary tools.


Tips for Beginner Businessmen

The demand for car wash services remains invariably high. The beginner businessmen should carefully approach the equipment’s choice to provide high-quality services and retain their clients. For this purpose, we recommend using the below list:

  • A high-pressure washer is used to remove dirt and detergent residues. Unlike the car detailing steam cleaner, it creates a powerful water jet, which allows you to efficiently remove any dirt; 
  • A steam machine for car detailing. Employees can use the auto detailing steamers for a wide range of services — from cleaning the interior to safe washing the paint; 
  • Wastewater filtration complex. It includes tanks for collecting dirty liquids, as well as storage tanks;
  • A vacuum cleaner. Just like a steam cleaner for cars, it’s used for cleaning the interior. Alternatively, you can purchase a complete wet cleaning and post-drying unit.
  • Extractor or foam block for interior dry cleaning. It effectively removes all types of dirt on seat upholstery, sittings, and floor coverings;
  • Consumables and accessories: various shampoos, chemicals, hoses of various lengths, etc.


Tips for Individuals

Each motorist at least once thought about buying personal car wash equipment. No one better than the owner will take care of the vehicle. Steam washing is a unique technology for removing complex contaminants (grease, oil products, rust) from vehicle surfaces. Steam cleaning reduces water consumption tenfold compared to a high-pressure washer. An important advantage is that steam cleaning takes place without the use of chemical cleaning agents. Therefore, if you’re thinking about purchasing a steam cleaner for cars by Fortador, the below tips will come in handy:

  • Volume. If a large vehicle needs to be cleaned, search for a tool with a large water container. For washing a light auto, a volume of about 2.8 liters is enough;
  • Power. A powerful heating element in the car detailing steamer allows water to boil faster;
  • Humidity. If there’s humidity control, you can choose the most optimal mode for cleaning the car body, trunk, interior, etc.;
  • Material. The best option would be an aluminum case;
  • Pressure. It’s better to choose an auto detail steam cleaner with a 6-8 Bar working pressure. Otherwise, it will be difficult to remove old stains, and dirt;
  • The presence of attachments allows you to clean even hard-to-reach places;
  • Steam type regulation. With dry steam, you can treat a car seat without getting it wet.

Now you know how to choose the best equipment for personal and business use. Good luck!

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