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Dieting is referred to as the practice of food intake in accordance with supervised and regulated fashion in order to maintain, increase or decrease body weight. Dieting is performed

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along with physical workouts or exercises in order to lose weight, which is very common especially to the obese and overweight individuals. However, the term dieting is not only performed for the purpose of losing weight because there are persons who are following a diet plan in order to gain weight. Some people are dieting in order to maintain their even body weight.

The diets that helps lose weight are divided into 4 categories, low-carbohydrate, and low-fat, very low calorie and low calorie. The meta-analysis of the 6 randomized controlled trials have found out that the main types of diet and 2 to 4 kg weight loss doesn’t have any difference. In two years, the entire calorie-reduced diet types will cause similar weight loss despite of the emphasized macronutrients. In a broader sense, a diet can be considered the best if you are able to eat food with lower calorie to the best that you can.

Diet - healthy food

Different Types of Diets



  • Low-Carbohydrate Diets – Some of the low carbohydrate diets include Protein Power and Atkins. These carbohydrates are rich in fats and protein.
  • Low-fat diets – These diets include the lessening the amount of fat in the diet. The consumption of diet can be reduced due to the lesser amount of fat consumed. The diet that belongs to this type includes the NCEP Steps I & II. Based on the meta-analysis of 16 tests of 2 to 12 months period, it has been found out that the low-fat diets has resulted into average loss of weight for about 7.1 pounds of 3.2 kg over habitual mode of eating.
  • Low-calorie diets –These diets are producing energy shortage of about 500 to 1,000 calories every day that results into 0.5 kilogram to 1 kilogram weight loss every week. The calorie diets which are commonly used include Weight Watchers and DASH diet. According to the National Institute of Health, there should be about 34 randomized controlled trials in order to successfully determine the efficiency of the low calorie diets. Based on their studies, these diets have the capacity to lower the total body mass for about 8 percent in a short period of time.
  • Religious Diets – Some says that religious scripture is one of the factors that help in motivating a person to perform specific diet. An example of this is the Biblical Book of Daniel which is known as 10/21 days of avoiding foods affirmed by God as unclean in His Law of Moses.
  • Detox diets – This diet is focused more on eliminating the undesirable toxins found in the body instead of losing weight.
  • Very low-calorie diets-This type of diet is providing 200 to 800 calories every day, which helps in maintaining the correct intake of protein however the intake of calories from carbohydrates and fats are limited. It allows the body to practice starvation and be able to lose 1.5 to 2.5 kilograms of weight every week. The popular diet for this variety is the”2-4-6-8” diet wherein it follows 4-day cycle wherein the total amount consumed in the 1st day is 200 calories, 400 calories on the 2nd day, 600 calories on the 3rd day and 800 calories on the 4th day, and followed by fasting wherein the cycle is just repeated.

This type of dieting is associated with opposing side effects such as great loss of your lean muscle’s mass, electrolyte imbalances and increase risks of having gout. This is not usually recommended so if you are planning to follow this, make sure that you are monitored by your doctor so that complications will be prevented.

Healthy diet plan



There is nothing wrong if you want to achieve lean and sexy body however you have to make sure that you are doing it in a safe and healthy manner. Although you are dieting, it is still important that you are taking enough nutrients every day as this will help you in preventing the risks of certain health conditions. If you keep on avoiding food because you don’t want to gain weight, it will then result to complications because your body is no longer absorbing enough nutrients that will keep you energized, healthy and safe while dieting. You will be able to get your desired body by means of having a safe and healthy diet plan.